Quick and Easy Way to Find Coupons for Food: 3 Coupons Apps You Must Try

//Quick and Easy Way to Find Coupons for Food: 3 Coupons Apps You Must Try

Quick and Easy Way to Find Coupons for Food: 3 Coupons Apps You Must Try

You don’t have to be a coupon maniac to save big! Here is a quick and easy way to find coupons for food – take advantage of these 3 great coupon apps!


The coupon websites might be perfect for excited or extreme couponers, however, for the rest of us, it is no way to shop and that is totally fine. We love the idea of coupon applications that automate deals for you. It simplifies the process and makes our job much easier.

These apps can help you save and are easier to use than others. Some apps deliver bigger and better servings than others. Each application works a little bit different, however, it has advantages that depend on your shopping style and the brands or the places you shop at. They are all worth a try.

Before we present you the apps that will help you find coupons for food and help you save money while you shop for groceries, allow us to share a few things we learned after using each of the apps.

The best application for you will depend on where you live. Various applications offer coupons at different stores meaning your success using your smartphone to find coupons will depend on the supermarkets and stores in your area, as well as, your shopping list.

The paper coupons rule and they always will. Applications aren’t all about digital deals and sometimes they point you to a newspaper or online coupons that you have to print. The mobile coupons are similar to paper ones and they will help you save on the same items as paper ones will.

Here are the 3 best coupon apps for grocery shopping:

  1. Cellfire – This app is available for Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices. It is best for instant savings and focuses on sending coupons directly to your loyalty cards. All you have to do is browse through the deals and special offers and select the ones you love. They are saved to your card so you can scan at checkout.
  2. Coupons.com – This app is available for Apple and Android only. They can offer you tons of offers and everyday items. This application makes it easy to access the deals on the go. The coupons may arrive in 3 ways – email, printed from your smartphone or added to your store loyalty card.
  3. Grocery IQ – This app is available for Android and Apple and it is perfect for all list makers. You can start by making your list and the application will match the items with available coupons.

Make sure to check, download, and use these apps! Have fun!

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